Revel Wilson is a 40-year-old Australian actress, a popular comedian, writer, and also a producer. From quite a time it was rumored that she was dating a millionaire Jacob Busch whose net worth is  14 million dollars. But currently, they made it official to everyone through the Instagram posts. It is said that they were introduced by their mutual friends in 2019.

What was in the Instagram post. 

From the sources, it is said that they were dating before the start of the pandemic. On this Friday they had a date night at the John Miro exhibit at villa Paloma Monaco in Monte Carlo where they met Prince Albert. They made their appearance to the prince as a couple.

Renel Wilson first posted a photo of them together at their hotel balcony in which Renel was wearing a green t-shirt and Jacob were shirtless and look stunning hot together. Renel also posted some other photos with some friends showing her curves after losing 40 pounds. It was already clear with their photos to together but later Renel posted another photo in which they were seen as kissing on their bed. Which properly cleared their relationship and fans were really happy about that. Renel was loved by many fans because if her comedian nature and a good heart, the fans were excited that Renel got someone who loved her even if she’s not as hot as other actresses.

Another photo made then seem like a very lovely couple was also posted on Instagram. The coupe was at the beach and Hugging each other, where Jacob was giving a sweet head kiss which made the fan’s heart feel loved. Everyone congratulated the couple on the relationship