Lil yachty a very popular rapper was found overspeeding on Atlanta highway. On 21 September a Georgia State petrol saw a white 2020 Ferrari F8 running with a speed of 150mph on northbound on interstate 75. Soon the GSP followed the car and Lil yachty got arrested and fined for overspeeding. The White Ferrari was released to Lil yachty’s friend and Lil yachty was taken to Atlanta city jail. There was no news to Lil yachty being released or arrested by officials but he posted a video on Monday captioned as ” I’m not in jail “.

The white Ferrari was a birthday gift from Lil yachty by Quality control CEO Pierre Pee Thomas.

Similar incident  of Lil yachty is also found. 

In the July month on the same road Lil yachty got into a accident with his red Ferrari 488. He got some minor injuries and no one else get affected by the incident. But by some people who vitnessed that incident said that he was overspeeding that day too and got into the accident.

Lil yachty lives an rich lifestyle and rich choices. It wasn’t a big deal to crash a Ferrari for the rapper. Through these both incidents many people commented that they also want to live the life of Lil yachty and who don’t want to get everything at such a young age. In the year 2020 he’s just 23 years old and a well know rapper in America.

Net worth of Lil Yachty

According to the recent data the total net worth of Lil Yachty is $8 million along with a huge car collection. Lil Yachty released his 4th studio album this may and is all set to release another one soon names ” End of the summer”.

He gained his recognition in the year 2015 when he made his debut by “Minnesota” And “one day”.