Prince William and Kate Middleton along with their four children met the David Attenborough, a well known broadcaster and natural historian at their home at Kensington Palace. Prince William met with the documentary filmmaker and conservation advocate at an outdoor streaming of David’s upcoming movie “A life on our planet”.

This movie is all about all the drastic conditions of our planet due to pollution, global warming and how animals are suffering because of it.

What is the valuable gift that’s given to Prince George by David Attenborough. 

All the 4 kids of prince William and kate Middleton are big fan of David Attenborough. And they were really happy to see him person at their place. David Attenborough gave a tooth of an extinct shark called Carcharocles magalodan which was millions of year old. And this tooth was really special to David as he himself found this teeth during a family holiday at Malta in late 1960s. This teeth was so Prestigious that David kept it for almost 60 years with him and given to Prince George as a gift.

What was the message behind gifting this teeth to Prince George. 

David is an natural historian who is trying to aware world about the climatic conduit of our planet. On this he is also releasing a movie called “a life on our planet”. Maybe through this archaeological gift he wants the prince to understand how the climate changes made a giant shark like this get extinct and the same is happening with many animals because of the same reason. It was a really nice gift with such a great motive behind it.

There were 2 photos released to press in which one picture is showing all the kids getting really excited about seeing David Attenborough specially the princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton smiling at her. In the next picture prince George was holding that shark tooth and seemed really excited and curious about it.