Few hours back Jaden Smith uploaded a picture of himself standing in the gym in which he was shirtless and abs was clearly visible. He had some accession on even in the gym he was wearing bracelets in both hand and sone thick nech chains. He cautioned the post ” register to vote “.

Things about Jaden you should know

Jaden Smith is the son of famous Bollywood personality Will Smith and even Jaden’s first movie was with his father in 2006 ” The pursuit of happiness”. He also worked again with his father in 2013 and the movie was ” After earth “. He multi talented with his work he’s an actor, rapper, singer and songwriter. He album includes SYRE, ERYS, The sunset tapes. He has also worked in another movies like The karate kid which was a great hit and day of earth stood still remake.

Series on voting ” The solution committee “

Jaden Smith also released a Snapchat series on voting called ” The solution committee ” Which will include young activists and celebrity to urge the viewers to vote. It was exclusived on Snapchat on 21 September the day before national vote registration. As the presidential election in USA are going to happen to Tuesday 3rd November 2020.

Jaden Smith gave this statement about voting and youth he said ” The most of people between age group 18 to 23 are less likely to vite because a lot of people feel like they don’t have the information or know where to get it. This program is about Educating the people and make them feel empowered and ready to vote. This Snapchat series was ked by Jaden’ parents Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith.

This was a 8 episode series which was available on the discover page of Snapchat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.All the episodes in end contained links for register to vote,  the first two episode were based on “how to vote” And ” How your vote matters”.