After a gap of 6 years Jaden Smith finally released the “Cool Tape volume 3″. The last part came in November of 2014. He designated the part 3 as a proper album. The album features ” Cabin fever” And “Rainbow Bap” And Justin Bieber and Ravery will give a guest appearance. It’s is a 17 track album carrying the important lessons or we can say parts of the Jason Smith.

Jason Smith is known by name Mononym Jaden he’s an great actor, rapper, singer and songwriter. He made it his debue in acting through movie “The pursuit of life” Along with his father. He’s well known for her role in the film “The karate kid” Which went real hit and loved by many specially Childrens.

Why the Cool tape volume 3 is so important

Jaden Smith took 6 year to produce this album because he wanted everything too perfect in every way because these are the part of his life. In an interview he told Zane lowe that this project serve as prequel to 2017s SYRE and 2019s ERYS as this is aimed to update his fans who follow him from day one. He wants them to know everything that’s been happening since the early times when he started his music career. He also added that it’s a phase which includes the part of him when he was 15 all the way up to 17 and how dude SYRE get trapped in the sunset.

What was the picture about?

He uploaded a picture of himself in the parking lot in front of a theatre. He was wearing a colorful outfit with many accessories who was firting well, the yellow sunglasses, bracelets and many chains around his neck and completef the look with white snickers. His caption was so simple compare to the elegant look, he was promoting his album as “Go stream Cool tap vol3”.