Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney mara got blessed with a baby boy. Jacquin Phoenix receivrd an Oscar for his superb acting in Jocker and his fiance also received two Oscar for great roles in Hollywood. Both the actors were in relationship from the year 2016 and got engaged in year 2019. The first news of Rooney’s pregnancy came in May and now gave birth to a healthy boy which is given the name “River Phoenix”.

Who was river Phoenix and why this name is given to Jaoquin and Rooney’s baby

River Phoenix was the elderl brother of Jaoquin Phoenix who died at the age of 23 on 31 October 1993 due to drug overdose. He was also an actor who is known for her role in “Stand by me” ,”running on empty “, my own private Idaho etc.

Jacquin in a interview that was happened in January told everyone that how much he think of his late brother and all the movies he made always made him feel like a connection with his brother River.

How this news came to media and people

This news of the babies name river Phoenix was announced by director Victor Kossakovsky on Sunday during a question and answer meeting at Zurich film festival 2020. He was there for the promotion of a silent film “Gunda” Whose executive producer is Jaoquin Phoenix which was unavailable because of the new born baby, so in absence of that Victor announced this news to people. In this film there are no dialoues which is about a mother pig Gunda who lives in far in the NorwayNorway,  she’s there caring for her babies. The main motive behind this is reveal the true feelings of animals who can’t speak but they try to show us which is neglected by the humans. This film is about putting those feelings in front of everyone to understand them and respect their feelings also as human’s are really selfish they are harming animal’s fir their selfishness.