This duo is only seen together on the screen in 2010, they played the role of lovers in Venice. The movie “The tourist” Didn’t go well, but both the actor becomes friends. They never dated but Depp always used a poetic way to describe the actress.

Angelina Jolie was always in love with Johnny Depp

In a interview with The Japan times Angelina said she always wanted to work with Johnny Depp and who don’t want to, he’s such a great actor. Angelina fall in love with Depps character in the film Edward Scissorhands. In the book “Angelina: An unauthorized biography”  it was mentioned that how much that movie inspired Angelina in her real life. She was drawn to that character particularly because of scissors in place of depp’s hands,  as everyone know that Angelina has an obsession of sharp objects.

What Parameters Make Them Similar and Why They Should Have Ended Together

Both the actors are very particular about their character as dark and outlandish in the film selection. They both are very good actors in industry and have gained a lot of appreciation through the characters they played. Unfortunately both the actors upto now played in one movie, but everyone want them together in many more movies.

What Johnny Depp have to say about actress Angelina Jolie

In one if the interview when it was asked about Angelina, Depp made a jaw dropping action and said this is what he felt when he saw her, he called her breathless moment. He said that she’s not only beautiful but also perfect in every way as she’s very deep, very smart, very funny, very clever, very quick and also has a very perverse sense of humor. He said overall she’s great fun.

With this such admiration from Johnny Depp and from the same time many fans wanted then to be together as they fits perfect. But even without that both the actors are loved very much by their fans.